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Graton learning specialist publishes new book on how children learn Not surprisingly, Sortino is a big advocate of early childhood education, preferring the hands-on, kinesthetic approach of Waldorf and Montessori. (Tuesday January 9th, 2018 — Sonoma West - California)

Waldorf 335

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sent Back Some Spectacular Shots Of Jupiter “Juno is providing spectacular results, and we are rewriting our ideas of how giant planets work,” Scott Bolton, a principal investigator on the Juno program, said in a statement last February. (Monday January 8th, 2018 — HuffPost - USA)

Miscellaneous 351

Across China: The Wutong clan: receiving an education in the mountains While many Chinese parents are pushing their children hard in the harsh exam-oriented environment of China's urban school system, Yun Xiang has left the city for the countryside, determined to raise her child in the arms of nature. ... Her son Dou Dou entered a private school based on the German Waldorf education theory, which emphasizes nature and the arts. (Monday January 1st, 2018 — Xinhua - Xinhuanet)

Waldorf 192

Travel 2018: Chile's Biodynamic Wineries Offer Luxury Among The Vineyards Biodynamic wineries combine organic farming with other practices related to the health of the vineyard, including companion planting, having animals on the property and following a lunar calendar for sowing and harvesting — and, is a much longer subject. What it means for you as a traveler to Chile, however, are beautiful vineyards and experiences along with well-crafted wines. (Sunday December 31st, 2017 — Forbes - USA)

Bio Agriculture 23

It’s a Miracle! Wisdom Lays an Egg at Age 67 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) refuge staff recognized Wisdom, the world’s oldest known breeding bird, along with her mate Akeakamai, in late November; On Dec. 13 they spotted Akeakamai sitting on a nest, incubating an egg. (Saturday December 30th, 2017 — Care2.com - USA)

Miscellaneous 2

The Waldorf Way: I’m grateful for receiving a Waldorf education Going to the White Mountain Waldorf School was likely the single most formative experience of my life. Although having only attended through eighth grade, I don’t think a day has gone by where I have not been grateful for receiving a Waldorf education. (Thursday December 28th, 2017 — Conway Daily Sun - North Conway, New Hampshire, USA)

Waldorf 3

Some Indian farmers are turning moon-gazers An unofficial estimate by the Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI) says about one lakh farmers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand practise biodynamic farming. However, most of the produce is sold under the generic 'organic' label as few consumers understand the difference. (Sunday December 17th, 2017 — Times of India )

Bio Agriculture 698

Château de Pommard Welcomes New Assistant Winemaker Like Château de Pommard, most of the wineries Eric Pignal has worked at focus on a biodynamic approach. (Friday December 15th, 2017 — The Daily Telescope )

Bio Agriculture 533

Scribbles and sculptures make it to the gallery wall Students from Lower Hutt's Waterloo School have a head start on their budding art careers. Their artwork is adorning the walls of the Dowse Art Museum in the gallery's latest exhibition. (Thursday December 14th, 2017 — Stuff.co.nz - Wellington, New Zealand)

Waldorf 303

Gemtree Wines Has Unearthed a New Drop “We just began talking about what ifs and how we can achieve the best possible outcomes with the resources we have,” says Brown. “We thought, ‘The winemaking process starts in the vineyard, so why not return the wine to its roots to age and continue its connection to the earth?’”. (Monday December 11th, 2017 — Broadsheet - Adelaide, Australia)

Bio Agriculture 25

Noida: Kids learn life hacks, skills at winter fair in Sector 131 Ukti-Delhi Waldorf School organised the fair based on the philosophy of renowned educational philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, who emphasised the need to introduce children to hands-on activities and creative play at an early stage, along with elementary education. More than 1,000 parents and children assembled to eat, play, learn and relax and escape the monotony of daily life. (Monday December 11th, 2017 — Hindustan Times )

Waldorf 6

Can Organic farming feed the world? In "Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture", agronomists led by Dr. Adrian Mueller claim that "a world conversion to organic farming can contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable food system, if combined with further measures". (Sunday December 10th, 2017 — The Island.lk - Sri Lanka)

Bio Agriculture 4

Mistletoe: Rediscovering an ancient medicinal plant It’s associated with Christmas traditions and even the ancient Druids but Viscum album, better known as Europe’s most common mistletoe, has a more practical use: as a treatment for cancer patients. (Saturday December 9th, 2017 — swissinfo.ch - Swiss Broadcasting Corporation)

Medicine 5

The teacher and traveller Ute discovered that although she loved her work, the heavy lifting involved in her pottery studio was hurting her back, and training in eurythmy was healing her, both physically and psychologically. (Friday December 8th, 2017 — Livemint - India)

Eurythmy 3

Supernatural Wine goes back to basics for a better product The main focus for the company is to use organic and biodynamic methods to build soil health, which in turn creates a more robust vine and less need for chemical sprays, he said. (Thursday December 7th, 2017 — New Zealand Herald )

Bio Agriculture 3

Could Waldorf education be right for your family? Waldorf is a “whole child” educational model. For a century now, the broad-based Waldorf curriculum, developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, has emphasized the concept of “heads, hands, and heart,” promoting a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in students. (Tuesday December 5th, 2017 — Shawnee Mission Post - Johnson County, Kansas)

Waldorf 3

A different way to learn: Tamar Valley Steiner school two years on from launching The Steiner education system is focused on learning through play, breaking down the structural demands of English, maths, geography, art, science into more free-form ideas of learning through doing. Art and self-awareness are core tenets of the Steiner system, with all children beginning their day with movement before settling down to the more book-focused learning. (Sunday December 3rd, 2017 — Tasmania Examiner - Launceston, Tasmania )

Waldorf 4

Local Focus: How much tech should there be in schools? Tauranga Waldorf School thinks children need to be able to learn at their own pace and not be dependent on digital devices. (Friday December 1st, 2017 — New Zealand Herald )

Waldorf 3

Biodynamic farm named Cooperator of the Year Frank Hunter and Kim Peavey live their lives in a way that Rudolf Steiner would approve. Steiner was the founder of both Waldorf schools and Biodynamic farming. Both his methodology for schooling and farming involve looking at activities and life holistically. (Friday November 3rd, 2017 — Brattleboro Reformer - Brattleboro, Vermont USA)

Bio Agriculture 1059

Is technology in schools making our kids smarter? Waldorf isn't anti-technology, they just believe it should be reserved for older students. They are a private school, so not everyone has that kind of access, but they have seen much success in educational outcomes when it comes to graduation rates. (Wednesday November 1st, 2017 — KARE-TV - Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota USA)

Waldorf 1170
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