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Colorado Springs joins the Waldorf-charter wave Waldorf schools focus on age-appropriate, hands-on lessons and emotional connection to learning. They may reinforce math principles by teaching children to knit, or science skills via cooking classes. Technology is eschewed until the later grades, while teachers are given unusual control. ... While not officially a part of the Waldorf chain, Mountain Song will teach based on Waldorf methods when it opens next fall in the old Whittier Elementary School building ... (Wednesday May 15th, 2013 — Colorado Springs Independent - Colorado Springs, Colorado USA)

Waldorf 333

Waldorf bans iPads from elementary classrooms In the education race for the newest technology, the Waldorf School has taken a different approach. They have banned all screens in the classroom and tech executives all over the Silicon Valley have signed up their children to learn in a Woldorf environment, free of iPads and computers. (Wednesday May 15th, 2013 — fox5sandiego.com - San Diego, California USA)

Waldorf 39

A healthier way of drinking A recent trend in 'healthy drinking' in Australia has seen an influx of organic, preservative-free, bio-dynamic, low-alcohol and low-carb products hit the alcohol market. Consumers are being mindful of selecting drinks and mixers that are free of nasty chemicals and preservatives, made with fresh organic ingredients and brewed, fermented or distilled locally. (Tuesday May 14th, 2013 — The Daily Telegraph - Australia)

Bio Agriculture 400

Fungus network 'plays role in plant communication' As the researchers allowed single plants in the sets to be infested with aphids, they found that if the infested plant was connected to another by the mycorrhizae, the un-infested plant began to mount its chemical defence. Those unconnected by the networks appeared not to receive the signal of attack, and showed no chemical response. (Friday May 10th, 2013 — BBC online - UK)

Miscellaneous 495

Tesla Proves Everyone Wrong, Makes a Profit The company has delivered 4,900 electric cars during the quarter, more than the 4,500 they expected, and consistently building around 400 a week. They expect demand for the Model S to exceed 15,000 per year in the U.S. and 30,000 worldwide. (Friday May 10th, 2013 — Care2.com - USA)

Miscellaneous 619

Golden age in Burgundy due to biodynamics Burgundy’s improved vineyard practices have thrust the region into a new golden age, according to Jacques Devauges, technical director at Domaine de l’Arlot. (Wednesday May 1st, 2013 — The Drinks Business - London UK)

Bio Agriculture 392
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